Sarah, District Manager, Shares Her Leadership Journey with ProSmile

Sarah is a recently promoted District Manager here at ProSmile. Here’s what she had to say about her role.

“Hi, my name is Sarah and I’m a District Manager here at ProSmile. My journey began back in 2014 as an office manager. After being an Office Manager for 5 years, I was then promoted to a Senior Office Manager role. Now I’ve been recently promoted to a District Manager and oversee 5 offices with ProSmile. What I really enjoy is that I can create a great working environment for my team. I’m also in a position that I can provide growth and advancement. That makes me feel so good! I remember a young lady, Stephanie, who came in and had no experience and she started as a File Clerk. She had about 3 or 4 promotions and now is an Office Manager of her own office. When I see her, it makes me so proud! One thing I love is the team I work with. They are loyal, ambitious, and competitive. I love it ” – Sarah